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Neolith is one of the worlds leading brands in Sintered Stone. A revolutionary architectural surface with Premium technical features. Neolith’s mission to inspire unique solutions for functional and sustainable indoor and outdoor spaces through the most innovative surfaces, creates extraordinary brand experiences.

Neolith is lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to high temperatures. This natural stone product’s hard surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasions, while its high UV damage resistant properties enables Neolith to withstand strong sunlight.

Neolith is impermeable to absorption, making it a hygienic, bacteria proof product that prevents diseases and allergies. Up to 90% of any Neolith slab is comprised of recycled materials and 100% of the energy used to make Neolith slabs comes entirely from renewable energy sources.

Neolith’s innovative spirit is evident from the design of the surfaces and through each and every stage of the manufacturing process. This is how Neolith is able to respond to the most diverse needs of customers around the world, meeting both the needs of today and the needs of their homes and businesses in the years to come.

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