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HI-MACS® Solid Surface is made from a blend of 75% natural mineral and pigments set in an acrylic matrix.  The material is heated in a progressive tempering process (Thermal Cure) to produce a new and stronger compound in which any structural defects are perfectly evened out. This improved structure automatically affects the quality of the material. 

Every option is available for designers to create neat washrooms, kitchens, hospitals and much more with their wide range. HI-MACS® boasts a simple heating process and three-dimensional thermoplastic forming capabilities. This allows for greater forming flexibility compared with other conventional materials, so that spectacular ideas can quickly take on a concrete shape.

HI-MACS® allows for visually seamless manipulation. Smooth integration enables large areas without joints or edges as well as flush mounting of sinks or bowls. HI-MACS® supports greener earth by using sustainable material, eco-friendly manufacturing process and recycling at the end of its life cycle. HI-MACS® offer a 15-year transferable warranty.

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